Saturday, April 01, 2006

Cape Town Open

So after a long day , difficult matches played and mixed emotions on the outcomes here is the results, GAME 1: I played Bernard the 2kyu (our club's strongest player) with a 1 Handicap and made a big mistake in the opening - then started fights all over and brought it back but ended up loosing by 14,5. GAME 2: I plated Chris the 9kyu and the weakest player in the tournament (but by no means weak) and after a huge battle i won by resign. GAME 3: I played Steve the 3kyu and after the opening was convincingly ahead but made a huge blunder and it brought him back into the game , after playing most of the game steve tried to invade in my corner but i killed the group - but when he later came back and tried his luck i didnt think what i was doing , played a stupid move instead of the one i new was right and his group lived , mine died and i ended up resigning. I am very dissapointed about losing to steve in a game that i should never have lost but that's life i suppose :(


Blogger Jaco said...

Hey rory.
Alhoewel jy net 1 game gewen het dink ek jy het nogal heel goed gedoen. Onthou jy die dae toe steve ons met sulke huge handicaps gespeel het? Wel, jy het vandag weer gewys daai dae is verby. Nou is dit net daai finishing touches voordat jy in die volgende kyu bracket in beweeg.

12:14 AM  
Blogger SilverSabre said...

I dont think i could say it better than that, just keep at it boet.

7:39 PM  

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